Once uploaded to the Videolab cloud users can share their multimedia recordings with others.

Share multimedia in Videolab cloud


Sharing is not caring

All multimedia recordings are owned by the user who has uploaded them. The concept of ownership is strictly enforced using cryptographic primitives and a bulletproof policy management engine.


Secure storage

All recordings are encrypted with 256bit keys. Keys are managed by Codific's Secure Vault. Thus sharing a video or audio recording requires providing the encryption keys to the users with whom we would like to share. Each user has a write-only secret storage where shared keys can be stored. It's like a mailbox where you can only throw stuff into, but not open unless you have the key.

share video-min

Additional features

A number of essential features are available in the Videolab cloud.

  • Basic metadata¬†such as title, description can be added by the user.
  • Labels and tagging allow the users to add additional metadata to their recordings making it easier to search.
  • Categorization¬†may be used to convey the purpose of the recoding once it is shared.
  • Statistical information is presented to the recordings' owners.