Codific Video Recorder

Focused on Security

We leverage the principles of security by design and by default. The recordings are encrypted using best Cryptography practices.

Integrated with Videolab

All recordings can be uploaded to the Videolab cloud by a simple click. Videolab is the only party that can decrypt the content.

Optimized for size

To make sure recordings are uploaded swiftly we have optimized the tradeoff between size and quality of the recordings.

Available for iPhone & Android


Codific Video Recorder Desktop

To enable recordings with a more professional equipment CVR comes also as a desktop flavor with a complete offline functionality.

record in cvr-min
recorded videos in cvr-min

Robust pipeline for a secure result


Multimedia recordings are encrypted on the fly using an AES-256bit key. The key is generated by the Videolab cloud. CVR destroys the key as soon as the encryption is done. From that point on the only part the can decrypt the content is the Videolab cloud.


We leverage transport layer security to make sure that even the multimedia metadata is securely sent to the Videolab cloud. We deploy best practices in preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.


All multimedia recordings are immediately destroyed on the mobile device as soon as they are successfully uploaded to the Videolab cloud. The users can also manually destroy the recordings without sending them to the cloud.